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Online Job Search

The internet has made searching for a computer job much easier. You can now research companies online and in most cases apply for a job online.

Cover Letters

With the ability to apply for jobs online, many people have become informal in their approach to job hunting. They send a one or two line email and attach a resume. Many are starting to view cover letters as a thing of the past. They are not. Including a cover letter in your email may be the thing that makes you stand out from the competition.

The #1 biggest mistake most people do when looking for a computer job, or any job for that matter, is sending out a “cookie-cutter” cover letter. Write your cover letter in a conversational tone. Make it attention grabbing and ask directly for an interview.

If you don’t get a call back in two weeks, send a follow-up cover letter. A follow-up cover letter will get you a second chance at being noticed.

After you complete an interview, send a follow-up thank you cover letter.

Anatomy of a Cover Letter

Your cover letter needs to have four basic parts.

  • Introduction
  • Overview of Qualifications
  • Work Availability
  • Closing Paragraph

The Introduction

In your introduction, state something like: I’m writing in response to your advertisement for a “job title” in the “where you saw the ad”. I feel my experience and skills make me an excellent candidate for this position.

At you need to sign up for a free account. This account will get you access to their free job search and free career tools.

Performing a Job Search

Start by entering keywords that best describe the type of job you are looking for. Examples would be:

  • Computer Programmer
  • Network Engineer
  • Computer Technician

You can choose multiple locations from around the world for your job search. To choose multiple locations, hold down the Ctrl key while making your selections.

Use the Category Search to narrow down your search. To choose multiple locations, hold down the Ctrl key while making your selections.

The results of your search can be sorted two different ways.

  • Date
  • Keyword Relevance

If you sort by date, the jobs will be sorted in the order received them. If you sort by keyword relevance, the jobs will be sorted by how closely they match your search parameters.