Computer Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Windows 98

Unless otherwise noted all troubleshooting proceedures in this section apply to both 98 and 98 Second Edition. If any proceedure is specific to only 98 Second Edition it will be noted.

What Kind of Problem?

  • Hangs during Shutdown
    1. Computer hangs when shutting down.
      1. Display adapter or driver may not be compatible with Windows 98 or may not be working correctly.
          To check this:
        1. Click on Start/Run.
        2. Type msconfig, then click OK.
        3. Click Advanced.
        4. Select VGA 640 x 480 x 16.
        5. Click OK.
        6. Click OK to restart computer.
      2. Corrupted Shutdown Sound File
        1. Go to Control Panel.
        2. Doule click the Sound icon.
        3. Change the sound you are using for Shutdown.
      3. Disable Fast Shutdown
        1. Click Start/Run
        2. Type msconfig
        3. Click OK.
        4. Click Advanced.
        5. Select Disable fast shutdown.
        6. Click OK.
        7. Restart Computer
      4. Advanced Power Management (APM) could be the problem
          To determine if APM is causing the problem.
        1. Click Start/Settings/Control Panel
        2. Double-click System.
        3. Click on the Device Manager.
        4. Double-click System Devices.
        5. Double-click Advanced Power Management.
        6. Click the Settings tab.
        7. Click Enable Power Management to clear it.
        8. Click OK.
        9. Click Close.
        10. Restart the computer
    2. Dangerously Low on System Resources - Slow performance, error messages when you start a program, applications hanging, or the entire system locking up or crashing can all be symptoms of low system resources. This is most likely caused by a poorly programmed application not releasing memory like it's suppose to. The short-term fix is to reboot. When you reboot, all system resources are cleared. The long term fix is to upgrade to Windows 2000 or Windows XP. 2000 and XP use a much more sophisticated method of controlling memory.
    3. Troubleshooting Corrupted Desktop Icons - To fix corrupted desktop icons, delete the hidden file "ShellIconCache".
    4. Windows 98 Second Edition Hangs during Suspend
      • Cause: Bug that happens when the path specified for the swapfile includes a lowercase drive letter in the [386Enh] section of the System.ini.
      • Fix:

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