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Troubleshooting Windows 2000

Troubleshooting with Device Manager

Device Manager is one of the tools you can use when troubleshooting Windows 2000. Device Manager is one of the snap-ins located under System Tools in Computer Management. Device Manager provides you with a view of the hardware installed on your computer, in a graphical format. You use Device Manager to disable, uninstall, and update device drivers.

Finding Your IP Address

Click on Start/Programs/Accessories/Command Prompt and type in "ipconfig", without the quotes. For more information type "ipconfig /all", without the quotes.

Troubleshooting Internet Communications Problems

Any of the following reasons could cause a problem communicating with an internet server:

  1. The server is not functioning
  2. Improper configuration of your internet browser
  3. Incorrect TCP/IP configuration for your dial-up connection
  4. Your ISP's Domain Name Service (DNS) server is not working
  • Try a Known Good Server - If you can't get to a specific server on the internet, try connecting to If you can connect to any one of these servers but can't connect to the original server you were trying, chances are the first server you were trying is down. Your TCP/IP configuration is ok.

Server Won't Boot

Providing the problem isn't hardware you can always reformat the hard drive and reload the operating system. But let's face it, that's rarely going to be the practical solution. Always start by working from the simplest solutions to the more complex solutions.

The first question you should be asking is "what changed recently". If everything was working fine, someone changed something and now the server won't boot up, chances are whatever the changes were, killed the server.

Server Boots to a Blank Screen

If the server boots to a blank screen, you have a video driver problem. The video driver has become corrupt, an incorrect video driver is being used, or the video driver is set to the wrong resolution.

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