Removing the Cover Screws

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Remove the Cover Screws

(Warning: To avoid cuts, keep your hands clear of the metal edges on the chassis)

General Computers

Most computers have between 3 to 5 screws holding the cover onto the chassis. If you’re not sure which screws in the back of your computer are the cover screws, they are the screws totally surrounded by the cover.

It’s a good idea to have a small container ready to drop the screws into as you remove them. These screws are small and can become easily lost. It’s amazing how many times they become lost inside of the computer. This is not a situation you want to find yourself in. A loose screw inside of a computer can have devastating effects. If the screw gets in the right place, it can short out the motherboard or if lodged in a fan, can cause the CPU to overheat and possibly burn itself out.

A power screwdriver can come in handy. A power screwdriver can remove and install screws a whole lot faster than you can do it by hand. It’s a time-saver that’s well worth investing in.

Dell Computers
Dell Dimension

Dell Dimension computers use thumbscrews rather than regular screws. This means that no screwdriver is necessary to remove the cover on a Dell Dimension computer. Thumbscrews are captive, meaning it stays in the cover when loosened. You don’t have to worry about losing a thumbscrew or dropping one inside of the computer.

If you are working on a Dell mini tower, lay the computer on its’ right side with the chassis foot off of the edge of the table so that the computer is lying flat.