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Movie Wallpaper

Great movies just seem to stick in your mind for awhile. If you enjoyed it, then things that remind you of it brings back good memories and makes you feel good. Decorate your desktop with your favorite movie wallpaper and remind yourself of it everytime you're on your computer.

Freddy Vs. Jason Wallpaper: Did the movie scare you? Scare yourself everytime you fire up your computer with these scary Freddy Vs. Jason movie wallpapers.

Harry Potter: Get wallpaper of all your favorite Harry Potter movie characters; Harry, Ron, Hermione,

The Hulk: Great desktop wallpaper from the movie "The Hulk"

The Matrix: Wallpaper from the Matrix and the Matrix Reloaded

Lord of the Rings: Lots of wallpaper from Lord of the Rings

Spider-Man: Wallpaper from the Spider-Man movie.

Spy Kids Wallpaper: Spy Kids 2 and Spy Kids 3-D wallpaper

Star Trek: Wallpaper from Star Trek movies, television shows, and art work.

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